(Boston, MA)  --   Federal investigators released pictures and video from Monday's Boston Marathon bombing in hopes of finding a pair of suspects.  Special Agent Richard DesLauriers says somebody will be able to identify them as a possible neighbor or a co-worker.  He identified the men in the pictures as "Suspect 1" and "Suspect 2."  The pictures will be made available on the Federal Bureau of Investigation's website at www.fbi.gov.  

Three people were killed in the blasts and more than 170 were hurt.  One of the men is wearing a white baseball cap in the pictures, while the other is wearing a black baseball cap.  DesLauriers says the public should not attempt to apprehend the suspects.  They are considered dangerous. 

Array 500

Suspect 2, Bird's-Eye Side View

Suspect 1 and Suspect 2

Suspect 2, Full-Length Front View

Suspect 1, Bird’s-Eye Side View

Suspect 2 with Hand by Ear, Circled

Suspect 2, Profile View, Circled

Suspect 2, Full-Length Side View

Photos via FBI.gov