() Drivers traveling along I-95 in Delray Beach, Fla., couldn’t miss it.

The word JIHAD spray-painted in bold black lettering, nearly 20-feet high, across a wall along the northbound lanes of the interstate.

The Arabic word means, among other definitions, “Holy War.”

And that’s almost what happened between two motorists whose verbal altercation over the graffiti was captured on video Saturday. Here’s how WPEC-TV described the scene:

CBS 12’s Karl Man was interviewing Damon Rosen about the jihad spray painted message, something that disgusted him, that’s when an unidentified man left his car and just like that it was on.

Things quickly escalated, the unknown man who did not oppose the jihad message shifted his shouting to a crowd of bystanders.

“You’re all brainwashed!”

The group of onlookers hurling profanity back at the man.

“You’re going to lose your job bit–!”

Rosen then jumping in with his own choice language…

“Take that shi– back to the Muslim land,” screamed Rosen. [...]

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