Debra, who is a teacher, found this boy near downtown Savannah and she writes:

This dog was found roaming the streets aimlessly. THE COUNTDOWN STARTED THURS.!!!  The dog is very friendly, social, and loves attention. He was medically evaluated and he is in good health and is heart worm free. Also, he knows basic commands. I have done animal rescue for years; however, when I moved to the lowcountry, I became unable to foster.  My apartment complex will not allow more than 2 pets and I already have 2. He is currently at Savannah's animal control (they named him Buck)l.  Can you please help with this case?  I cannot stress how wonderful his disposition is and he is so happy all the time and soooo friendly. All he wants to do is give you kisses and wants your attention/loving. He does not deserve to be euthanized especially since he has such a great disposition, is very friendly, is heart worm free, and knows simple commands. He seems to very adoptable!!! Please, consider rescuing him from the shelter. HE IS IN DIRE NEED AND WILL BE FACING EUTHANASIA IF I CANNOT FIND SOMEWHERE FOR HIM TO GO.  Thank you so much for all your help!

Debra Jacobson