This is a wonderful story that needs to be told.

Bob Morris wrote to Captain Steven Hart, the Public Affairs Officer at Hunter/Fort Stewart as follows:

Dear Steven:As a follow-up to our conversation last Friday, I am writing to give you additional information about Rainbow’s Edge Animal Refuge in Tillman, SC and the project they need your assistance with to complete.  When I was working in Savannah, GA, I met a wonderful couple who, together, run a self-funded dog rescue outside of Hilton Head.  Raymond and Janice Suarez have established Rainbow’s Edge Animal Refuge and have been rescuing dogs for many years.  They do a terrific job housing and caring for an average of 45 dogs on their farm, most of which are not adoptable due to age, behavior problems and medical issues.  We have had some successes helping this rescue group including assisting them in getting their 501c3 status (copy attached) and arranging for food donations from Pedigree in Columbia, SC.  Over the years they have never asked for anything and have paid all expenses for these dogs, sometimes totally over $10,000 annually just for vet bills.  These two have sacrificed their own financial future to care for these dogs.  However, Raymond is now in his early 80’s and his wife, Janice is in her early 60’s and maintaining these expenses is challenging.  Rainbow’s Edge building project will focus on building outdoor areas for the dogs to enable them to move freely from inside the barn to the outside.  This addition will relieve some of the work Janice and Raymond do daily, ensuring these dogs have shelter both day and night.  Currently they move the dogs individually inside their home or barn each night and then back out again in the morning for the day. We are asking for help from you to complete portions of the project, primarily with the concrete work.  We need approximately 4-5 people, some with skills in laying and finishing the concrete surfaces.  Because I live in Ohio and don’t know the entire scope of the project, Raymond would be able to give you all the particulars about the project and what he is trying to accomplish.Any help you could offer to Rainbow’s Edge would be greatly appreciated.  Raymond can be reached at 843-726-3443 and will look forward to speaking with you soon.  Best regards,Bob Morris--------------

We received this information from Captain Hart:

We have Soldiers volunteering to do some construction at the Rainbow
Edge Animal Refuge in Tillman, SC (just outside Hilton Head) on Friday,
March 25th. 

The owners of this farm have been rescuing dogs for many years.  The
owner is now in his 80's and the farm needs help.  Our Soldiers will
help construct dog runs and access means that will enable the dogs to
move freely from inside a barn to the outside. 
Kudos for this generous and unselfish act.