My husband and I are visiting our son who lives in Rincon, GA, off of Coldbrook Court.  We have been here many times, but yesterday our sweet Yorkie, Liberty, slipped out of his fenced backyard.  She is a strong-willed, precious little girl, and when she sets her mind to do something, she doesn't give up.  Unfortunately she has been gone since 5 PM, 30 April.  We don't believe she went into the woods as it is wet, and the grass is high.  She doesn't like to get her feet wet and dirty.


Liberty weighs about 5 lbs, has black fur with tan markings.  She has a black collar on with a silver identification tag.  It has an old address for us, but current cell phone numbers for both me, 703 472-9659, and my husband, 703 408-4852.  Besides the silver identification tag on her collar, she has a chip.  AKC Reunite has been notified.  Liberty also has a rabies tag and a tag with our vet, Dale City Animal Hospital, Woodbridge, VA.  They have also been notified.  I have registered with  They have sent alerts out to vets, shelters, and animal hospitals.

When we lost her, Liberty had pigtails and pink bows in her hair.  Her tongue hangs out a bit on one side because she only has a few teeth.  If she is fed dry food, she will throw up.  She will be 13 years old the last week of June, so she's a little hard of hearing, and has trouble seeing in dark places.  Liberty requires drops in her left eye AM/PM.  

She isn't just a dog to us, but our furry baby.  We have had her all her life, and she has captured our hearts.  Unfortunately, we worry that if someone picked her up, they will love her too.


Debra and John Lucius

704 472-9659 and 703 408-4852