In the event of a major storm hitting our area, you may require transportation and/or special medical assistance during a hurricane evacuation if you have no other resources such as family, friends, neighbors or church members who can help you. Those on this registry will be evacuated to an American Red Cross shelter (not a hotel) that will likely be a gym or similar setting. It is important for the county to know where the most vulnerable residents are so they can provide needed help in the event of a severe storm. Individuals who should apply for this registry include those who may need services to maintain their independence in a shelter: children and adults with physical, sensory, mental health, and cognitive or intellectual disabilities affecting their ability to function independently without assistance. Others who should apply: women in late stages of pregnancy, the elderly, and people needing bariatric equipment.

To register you can call 912-353-3255 or visit

It is important to note that people living in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and personal care homes are NOT eligible for this Functional Medical and Needs registry and must follow their facility's emergency plan.