Karen Lowen started working out at a gym at the age of 48. She was suffering from thyroid problems, and her doctor suggested she begin doing cardio.

The self-employed mom-of-two signed up for a gym membership at $45 a month. She quickly took a liking to the treadmill — but she realized she enjoyed the workout even more when she danced while on the machine.

“Treadmill dancing” has become pretty popular in the United States, but where Karen lives in the UK, it’s not as well-known. Many people turn to face the opposite direction while performing the workout, spinning and kicking their legs up and going all out… but Karen took a much lighter and more casual approach.

“It’s really just a combination of walking and running,” Karen told Worcester News. “The riskiest I’ve ever done is to go sideways; I’ve never turned fully around.”

One day, Karen got on the treadmill just as she normally did. But she was stunned when a disapproving staff member approached her about her unique exercise routine — and she ultimately had to cancel her membership over it!

“Go on girl, do your thang!” one commenter writes. “They are just jealous cause they cant walk and chew gum at the same time. DO YOU!”

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