He Dropped Out Of Service Dog School 3-Times, & Now He's Found Perfect Job

Jake is a very good boy who was training to be a rescue dog. He went through several different programs, but it seemed like nothing was going to work out. He first went through a search and rescue training program, but by the time he was 15-months-old he was clearly not a good fit. His paws weren't tough enough to handle the grueling work so he was reassigned.

He was then in training to become a service dog for veterans but even though he was a smart boy and very clever, his former training had instilled one interesting quirk in him. One of the volunteers said that “there would be something that would get his attention... Out of the clear blue sky he would alert to that and take off with you,”

His third chance was when he was brought in to be a medical alert dog, and he was supposed to bark if the breathing machine turned off. The problem was that Jake slept too heavily and wouldn't realize if the machine was off.

They had to find Jake a new home because he wasn't going to qualify for any of the programs they had intended him to. Rhoni Standefer had been with him through the entire training adventure, but she was never planning on him living with her forever. He was supposed to move in with a new family and help people, but her grandson pleaded with her to keep him.

She finally agreed, but 4 years later they finally found a job that works for the eager pup...

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