Girl Who Raised Over $13,000 To Buy Needy Kids Milk Got The Best Surprise

A five-year-old girl proved that kindness has no age limit. When the Michigan girl saw that not all of her classmates could afford milk, she made it her goal to do something about it.

It all started when Sunshine Oelfke emptied out her Arctic Cat piggy bank on the living room floor and began "counting" the money she had saved.

Her grandmother captured the beautiful moment that made our hearts melt.

"Sitting here working my business, Sunshine dumps out a bunch of her snowmobile money on the floor and starts counting it all," she wrote in her post. "After a few minutes, I see her bag up some of it and I asked her what she was doing with the baggy of money."

"Her response put me in tears...’I am going to give it to my friend at school because she don’t get milk for snack. Her mom don’t have any milk money and I do’ As I turned my head to wipe my eyes, I handed Sunny her backpack and in it the baggy of money went," she wrote.


As it turns out, half of the 20 students in Sunshine's class did not get milk, which costs 45 cents a carton.

After Sunshine delivered several plastic bags filled with milk money to her class, Jackie stepped in to help her granddaughter raise milk money. She started a GoFundMe account with the hope of raising $800 to cover the cost of milk for Sunshine's entire class for the second semester of school.

Her grandmother posted an emotional video about Sunshine's kindness, that just made us all grab for the tissues.

The campaign has raised far more than their goal, thanks to the kindness of strangers that were touched by this girl's selfless act.

"The money will stay with Sunshine as she progresses grades," explained Jackie, "to make sure her friends get milk, no matter where she is."

Jackie says her granddaughter drinks milk with every meal to help her "get strong for snowmobiling."

The money that Sunshine had been saving in her piggy bank was to buy a snowmobile. She was quick, however, to empty her savings to help her friend.

That's when her kindness was repaid in an unexpected way.

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