Husband Continues Valentine's Day Tradition For Wife With Dementia


Ron Kramer has been buying his wife a box of her favorite candy, dark chocolate cremes from Buffet's Candies, every Valentine's Day for nearly 40 years, and continues to bring it to her in her assisted living facility. 

According to ABC News, Donna Kramer was diagnosed with dementia four years ago and had to move into an assisted living facility, which Ron called "the saddest" of his life. 

Ron visits her every day and always brings a gift, usually something small like a can of Coca-Cola or a piece of fruit. But on Valentine's Day, he keeps the 39-year-old tradition alive and brings her a box of her favorite chocolate.

The tradition started before they were married. The two met in 1979 when Ron was a door-to-door insurance salesman. Donna opened the door in her bathrobe and a pair of Big Bird slippers. Her appearance left an impression on Ron, and he went back to her house a few days later to ask her out. 

"I was really sexy!" Donna told ABC Albuquerque affiliate KOAT.

That year, Ron asked what her favorite candy and she told him it was dark chocolate cremes from Buffet's Candies, a local candy store that has been around since the 1950's. When he bought her the first box, the store said if he kept the box, he could come back each year and refill it for just the cost of the candy. The box of candy cost him $13 in 1979 but has ballooned to $41 this year. He said the price doesn't matter.

"It's awful good candy," he said. "It's worth every dime of it."

Donna limits herself to one piece per day, and that lasts her until their anniversary in May. 


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