Dog Patiently Waits Weeks For Owners To Return Home After Deadly Camp Fire

A family who was forced to evacuate from the deadliest wildfire in California history returned to what remained of their home to find their dog, patiently watching over their property. 

According to a Facebook post by K9 Paw Print Rescue, Madison's owners hadn't been able to return home since the fire started and had no idea if their dog was even alive. 

Madison’s parents were unable to get home to him when the Camp Fire spread. They hoped and prayed he would be OK. When they finally got clearance to go back to the lot where their house once stood....Madison was waiting there for them as if he were protecting his former home. Never give up!!

The Camp Firewas the deadliest in California history, with the blaze killing 85 people and destroying nearly 14,000 homes. Thousands of people were temporarily displaced by the wildfire, with many living in emergency shelters, motels, and even camping in a Walmart parking lot. 

One of the volunteers wrote on Facebook about how she had helped locate the family's other dog, Miguel, and how she tried luring Madison back home with food and water. But, Sullivan says, after speaking with the owners, she decided to leave an article of the owner's clothing on the property in hopes it would bring Madison back. 

"I had the idea of placing an article of clothing that would smell like her to keep Madison's hope alive until his people could return," Sullivan wrote.

When the owners returned to what remained of their home earlier this week, Madison was sitting there, patiently waiting. 

"Madison is PROOF that there are many animals waiting for their people. Keep feeding, just in case , and keep the hope alive," Sullivan wrote.