Two Women Recorded Twerking On Top Of SUV On Busy Highway


Motorists on Interstate 64 in St. Louis were shocked when two women decided to climb on the roof of an SUV and began to twerk along the busy highway. The crazy scene was recorded by Jackie Friedhoff and quickly went viral after she shared the videos on Facebook. 

Friedhoff described what happened in an interview with the New York Post

“We were in traffic obviously and were going pretty slow, but then I saw a girl get out of the car and get on top of the vehicle,” Friedhoff explained. “And I’m like, ‘Did I just see that?’”

She said that the women jumped on the roof two separate times, while a third woman hung out the window to record the dangerous dance party. Friedhoff said that she did not call the police, but noticed that the SUV did not have a license plate. 

Instead, she posted the videos online hoping the women would be identified. The video was discovered by one of the women involved and she reached out to Friedhoff asking to be tagged in the viral post, though she deleted her profile not long after making the request. 

St. Louis police said that they did not receive any complaints stemming from the incident, but after reviewing the video have launched an investigation. A spokesperson for the department said that the women's actions were extremely dangerous and could have resulted in a "fatal accident."

"They could fall off of the car and cause other drivers to wreck. It's a dangerous situation for themselves and other drivers! They could fall off and create a fatal accident. We do not encourage anyone to try anything like this ever. You are supposed to be in your car when you drive."


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