Is the Eastside Theater become the latest example of “Gentrification”?

In the 1950s and ’60s the Eastside Theater hosted premiere entertainment for black Savannahians on the eastside, the next decades would not be as kind. While during its heyday, the theater would see matinee movies, live performances, the next decades would see the decay of the roof, the isolation of the property and the disappearance of its community purpose for the neighborhood.

Now the city of Savannah is considering a number of possibilities for this landmark theater that sits on the corner of East Gwinnett and Broad Streets and would not see itself used for nearly 10 years after closing in 1969.Could the Eastside Theater become the latest example of “Gentrification”?Some local historians have said that there was “a lot of black history on East Broad Street” but a lot of that is going away. The structures of St. Pius X High School and the housing for the nuns who worked at the Catholic school have made way for new buildings for the city of Savannah and the Savannah College of Art and Design.