Georgia Town Crowned One Of The 'Most Beautiful Small Towns' In The U.S.

Photo: Sean Pavone/iStock/Getty Images

Some of the most beautiful places in America can be found in the smaller towns decorating the country, often overshadowed by the busier, more popular tourist destinations of big cities. However, it is worth exploring the less-visited towns to see the beauty America has to offer.

Travel + Leisure compiled a list of the 20 "most beautiful small towns" in the U.S., breathtaking destinations that have a population under 20,000 and that "offer a glimpse [of the] variety of gorgeous places" around the country, like a California bay, an Alaska town with views of glaciers and a small Hawaiian island nicknamed "Pineapple Island," to name a few.

Among the list is Georgia's own Little St. Simons Island, a barrier island along the coast with miles of beaches. This is what T+L had to say about Little St. Simons Island:

"The beauty of this island is that it's largely undeveloped — it's only accessible by boat and just 32 guests are allowed to stay overnight at a time. 'It's easy to agree with T+L readers who chose Little St. Simons Island [as one of] the best islands and resorts in the continental U.S.,' said Mark Jaronski, deputy commissioner for Explore Georgia. The barrier island is a naturalist's nirvana — fishing, hiking, kayaking, birding, and other eco adventures can all be found here amid the salt marshes and garlands of Spanish moss."

See the full list at Travel + Leisure to read up on the most beautiful small towns in the country.

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