Rent This Entire Island in Georgia for Under $500 A Night


Need a weekend getaway but don't want to travel out of the state? Well you're in luck! You can rent this entire island in Georgia for under $500/night.

Eagle Island, Georgia, is a private island near Brunswick on the Darien River. The property is 10-acres of peaceful greenery surrounded by water.

Its perfect for a romantic weekend getaway! The Eagle Lodge has a 1500 square foot completely screened in porch, a hot tub and wood burning fire place.

You can also explore the beauty of coastal Georgia by booking an inshore or offshore fishing trip, take a coastal cruise, rent a boat, go kayaking or go crabbing.

A weekday getaway for two can be priced as low as $475 a night, or invite up to twelve friends for $600 a night. That's ONLY $50 a person.



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