Sunscreen Enters Your Bloodstream, Harming You as Much as the Sun

It's no secret that the sun can do major damage to your skin, but is our sun protectant also endangering our skin? It seems so. Most of us are familiar with consumer goods that contain ingredients and formulas that we know nothing about, and we are aware of the rule of thumb: if we can't pronounce it, we probably shouldn't be consuming it or putting it on our skin! So, it should come as no surprise, that many household sunscreens contain some of those unknown / unpronounceable ingredients that are actually harmful to our bodies.

JAMA published a study earlier this month examining the effects that sunscreen can have on our bodies. Some of the chemicals contained in sunscreens seep into our blood stream within the first two hours of application and linger for up to seven days. While there are still many uncertainties in regards to the chemicals used in sunscreens, some parts of the U.S are already starting to take action to protect consumers from these chemicals. Hawaii is one of the first states to ban various sunscreens containing ingredients that are already known to kill coral reefs.

"...sunscreens have not been subjected to standard drug safety testing, and clinicians and consumers lack data on systemic drug levels despite decades of widespread use..."

- FDA Chairman, Robert Califf and JAMA Dermatology Editor in Chief, Kanade Shinkai shared in an editorial accompanying the original study of this matter.

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